What People Say About Crypto Clothesline

“Abheeti and Amy-Rose, the dynamic duo who anchor the Crypto Clothesline show, offer a refreshing platform for exploring the diverse news, views and future happenings in the cryptocurrency space. They and their guests are worth paying attention to, particularly if you like humour, frank dialogue, and are a noobie wanting to get overarching understanding about what this ecosystem has to offer.”

Sophie Amat

Crypto & Blockchain Writer
“I’ve really enjoyed listening to the podcast. It’s refreshing to hear women tackling big issues in this traditionally male-dominated area. There’s a mix of business, crypto & blockchain technology, and life balance (e.g. mum-challenges). The interviews are thoughtful and not too techy – they usually focus on the implications of blockchain and cryptocurrency, and how it can change the world for the better. They don’t shy away from difficult social topics, and the people interviewed have been passionate about their projects. Very informative and engaging, thank you.”

Jen Neilson

“Thank you SO much Abheeti and Amy-Rose – it’s funny how much you can learn about yourself from talking to others in this way. Keep up the fun, energy and enthusiasm that is fast-becoming your trademark!

Abheeti and Amy-Rose have nailed this format from the get-go! No surprise that this light-hearted but informative podcast has attracted such a broad spectrum of guests and listeners from across the industry.”

Martin McGinty

“I adore this show, especially the extraordinarily brilliant, amazing and witty women behind it. Kudos and gratitude to you, Abheeti and Amy-Rose. Keep asking those deep, tough questions, ladies. They will lead you —and us— far.  “

JP Parker

Technology Evangelist
“Abheeti and Amy-Rose are two smart, inquisitive and emotionally connected women who know how to ask the right questions to explore the true depths of a topic. What a wonderful experience it was to speak with the ladies for their Crypto Clothesline podcast! I look forward to keeping in touch with these two bright stars of tech communication.”

Juliet Annerino

“I’m sure these ladies mean well but really I feel their time would be better spent finding employment satisfactory to their IQ levels like a nice receptionist job or something. I mean ‘Blockchain’??? Isn’t that a threading exercise for pre-schoolers? I mean, REALLY ladies…”

Vera Severa

Crypto Clothesline's Critic
“A great podcast keeping us up to date with everything crypto. This has really opened my eyes and ears to different opportunities and I’ve learned so much. Keep up the great work ladies.”

Nicole Lancaster-Ashby

High-Profit Media
“This is a fantastic podcast which touches the heart of the matter. Have a listen to hear the Sisters in the space and bring the human into all things crypto.
Keep up the awesomeness Sisters!!”

Kim Gibson-Newton

“These women are an absolute hoot! The diversity of what they talk about in regards to crypto and the blockchain is quite something! Who knew that the power of tech could be so interesting and enjoyable to listen to. I love listening to their podcast.”

Amber Queern

“Great work guys, keep it up! :-

Dr Sophie Henshaw

Empaths Online
“The team is passionate and focused on bringing the latest insight in the blockchain space to the public. I found them very engaging and really enjoyed the interview.”

Bonnie Yiu

Co-founder - Consulere.io | Head of Strategy - Tykn.tech

So Who Are The Voices Behind The Mic?

Our goal is to expose the collective brilliance of women in crypto and blockchain projects, and some great men too. The podcast was formed because we butted up against some pretty extreme sexism in the crypto space and decided we wanted to help women find a voice and bring practical applications of these emerging technologies to the expanding audience.

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