About Us

The Crypto Clothesline Podcast came about as an inevitable collaboration between Amy-Rose Goodey of Crypto Blackboard and Abheeti Kathryn Pass of Rich Happy and Free, and Crypto and Kids. We started the podcast interviewing mainly women in crypto and involved in Blockchain technology as we noticed a huge gap in the gender representation within the cryptosphere…

So it’s largely about women and FOR women, though men are very welcome too!
There are many fabulous women we are speaking to in this crypto-blockchain world, really rocking the foundations of the current (antiquated) system as we know it.

There are so many ways this tech is revolutionising systems and transparency (and fairness) for women, men and children, all over the world – well beyond the most media-recognised aspects of digital currency.

From addressing slavery in hidden circles in the world today to making sure our produce is chem-free from seed to shelf, by ensuring we can actually track every move on the blockchain, every step of the way.

We also run online cryptocurrency courses for absolute beginners – come check out our free webinars!

The Girls Behind The Mics

Abheeti Kathryn Pass

I’m all about helping everyday families navigate, and ultimately, change the face of their family dynamics.

Abheeti: a name I received after a particularly unusual life experience when living 10 years in Italy (difficult to remember and impossible to forget). It comes from an ashram in India and means “fearlessness” (an interesting work-in-progress.)

Having a lust for flexi I’ve always been interested in enterprise with businesses as diverse as: Child Care, Language Teaching, Buying, Renovating & Selling Properties, Natural Health Care, Massage, Meditation & Group Leadership, Network Marketing (crazy successful) and now… The Cryptosphere!

I’m biological mother to three beautiful children, with one luscious step-son: a mixed intercontinental family salad, and the owner and founder of www.riochhappyandfree.com, as well as co-creator of an online course called Crypto and Kids. Watch this space!



Amy-Rose Goodey

I am the founder of Future Blackboard and educational platform for the new economy. This means providing the online resources to skill up the 5 million Australians about to lose their jobs to automation.

I have a strong background in I.T. as well as radio hosting, community services and Justice. I am a qualified building designer however my passion is in technology, AI, VR, blockchain and cryptography.

I am a mother of two amazing children. My daughter is a firecracker at just 7yo and my son is 2.

This podcast is a collaboration with girlfriends who all love this space and the potential to foster the confidence in other women to approach technology without fear.

Enjoy, you only live once xx


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