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Blockchain Technology Behind Bitcoin Could Prove To Be An Ingredient Of An Entire New World

“The blockchain technology behind bitcoin could prove to be an ingredient of an entire new world of technology, as big as the internet itself, a wave of innovation that drives the middleman out of much commerce and leaves us much more free to exchange goods and services with people all over the world without going through corporate intermediaries.”

– Matt Ridley, The Evolution of Everything

In an interview with JP Parker we learn that there is certainly a lot of hype around how much money can be made trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin but the technology behind crypto, which is Blockchain, is often overlooked.

Blockchain has its own value and can be seen as a profitable technological venture considering the World Economic Forum predicts that by 2025, 10% of GDP (gross domestic products) will be stored on blockchain technology.

Listen to the full podcast with JP Parker here

By Amy-Rose Goodey

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