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Blockchain Technology Can More Equitably Address Issues Related To Freedom

“There is an argument that blockchain technology can more equitably address issues related to freedom, jurisdiction, censorship, and regulation, perhaps in ways that nation-state models and international diplomacy efforts regarding human rights cannot.”

– Melanie Swan, Blockchain: Blueprint for a New Economy

In an interview with Kelsie Nabben from Canya we learn about how…

…anything can be traded on the blockchain and how the middleman/woman is removed to give the worker the bulk of the profits.

The interview with Kelsie had us thinking. One industry that is greatly unspoken about is the modern slavery industry.

When we outsource for a project, many often choose the lowest price and expect a high standard but do not consider the implications.

With the blockchain we can follow the supply chain and verify that slave labour didn’t occur.

This is also discussed in our interview with Portia Burton, who wrote an article specifically relating to this.

Listen to the full podcast with Kelsie Nabben here

Listen to the full podcast with Portia Burton here

By Amy-Rose Goodey

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