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Crypto-Rich Boys: Is Bitcoin Sexist?

In her interview on Crypto Clothesline, Andrea Walker talks specifically about how black women the world over generally miss out on wealth transfer opportunities, now and during the course of history.

In our fascinating exchange with her, she spoke at length about why this is such a passionate subject matter for her, and indeed a life purpose.

As a child she watched her own mother struggle, work hard, and still end up with the short straw financially when many years of marriage finally broke down. Andrea’s mother remained alone with all of her children to care for.  It’s a plight many single mums are familiar with.

On the other hand, in stark contrast, look at what young men from the United Kingdom apparently think about Bitcoin:

“…people are less interested in following in the footsteps of their home-owning parents and would rather make a fortune from Bitcoin.”

“This translated to 27% of male Millennials polled believing Bitcoin represents a better investment than property.” according to a study done by FTI Consulting and Get Living.

While it’s wonderful that these young males are not blindly following in the mortgaged-to-the-eyeballs steps of their parents, who’ve traditionally been generally more interested in real estate as a wealth vehicle, it’s no WONDER Andrea is so keen to make sure women, pointedly BLACK women, have access to this same wealth opportunity.

She means to achieve this through education both in the acquisition of cryptocurrencies, and through technical coding training enabling many black women to become Blockchain and other chains’ coders and developers – there being a major world shortage presently. Namely: there are 14 jobs available for every 1 developer!


Listen to the full podcast here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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