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“Dim uffycio o gwmpas” (‘no stuffing around’ in Welsh)

“Dim uffycio o gwmpas” (‘no stuffing around’ in Welsh).

– Pete Winn

Talk about cutting to the chase.  Pete Winn certainly doesn’t stuff around.

Together with some other team members, he’s created a platform where you help fund the building of a school when you pay for a coffee.

It’s simple, and there’s no ‘f*cking around’: you go into a particular café and order what you want.  When you go to pay, you tap your card, same as you usually would when paying with the plastic fantastic, only this time the fees that would usually get sent to the bank, get sent to KarmaPay where they get forwarded to a charity of choice in alignment with their values.

Currently they are working with Classroom of Hope:

“250 million children worldwide can’t read or write and approximately 130 million girls are denied their right to education. I have a serious problem with those numbers and through learning about the education crisis I have truly discovered my purpose; to bring hope to children living in poverty through access to life-changing education.”

 Duncan, Founder of Classroom of Hope

So… when you next pay for your coffee, ask if you can contribute instead to KarmaPay so those pesky bank fees can be redirected to kids in new schools in countries like Rwanda, Cambodia and Laos and Indonesia.

If the café staff don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, tell them dim uffycio o gwmpas, and get in touch with Pete Winn directly!

Listen to the full podcast with Pete Winn here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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