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Fair Pay for Sex Workers

In her interview with Crypto Clothesline, Portia Burton of the Blockchain Explainer talks about living in Berlin and seeing the adult industry in full swing.

She comments that fair pay for sex workers could be an excellent use-case for Blockchain technology.

The distribution of funds in the case of largely cash transactions in this industry, means that even if payment is made to the worker herself (or himself), usually there are plenty of other hands extended to take their share – including the establishment owner, the manager or pimp, rent for the bed, and so on… IF the worker gets paid at all!

Leah Callon-Butler of also tackles this issue of payment difficulties in the adult industry.  Due to the high level of stigma and judgement for both sex workers and their clients, and the resulting need for protection, plans to eradicate transaction challenges by having both clients and service providers develop ‘reputations’ (transparency) under pseudonyms (discretion) on utilising modern Blockchain technologies.  Payment can be made by ‘burning’ intimate tokens and therefore leave no trace in bank accounts or similar.

So Portia sees the Blockchain as a positive option for sex-workers: they can pass on their public addresses, receive payment in crypto in minutes, and not risk losing their earnings to other parties.

Listen to the full podcast with Portia here


By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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