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I Shot Him Not Only A Foul Look

There was a group of us eating breakfast in a hotel restaurant recently, in Vietnam.

We were on a business mentoring retreat – people from all over the world meeting together to learn from each other and create wonderful new entreprises.

A woman next to me had gone under the table to retrieve something small that had fallen, and a man in the group glancing down at her, made the quip: “What’s she doing? Looking for a raise by giving the boss a head-job?” Chuckling, he looked at me for confirmation of his wittiness.

I was so gob-smacked (no pun intended) by this careless throw-away statement (which just shows how normalised and joke-worthy this kind of favour-based transacting has become).

I shot him not only a foul look and an incredulous head-shake, but said outright to him:

“That kind of language is thoroughly inappropriate.”

The chuckle disappeared to be replaced by an expression of defensive disbelief.

Some people think making degrading comments about women doing sexual favours to get ahead (no pun intended again) in life is funny…

But it ain’t. It proverbially sucks.

In a group of people, especially women, word gets out about who to avoid near the photocopier, who’s the sleazebag at staff parties, who’s the one to keep a close eye on…

You can feel it, you actually ‘know’ who to be wary of – they make your skin prickle and you just linger a little longer when observing their interactions.  Predicting the likelihood of inappropriate behaviour and then knowing how best to try and avoid it, comes through vigilance.

We interviewed Juliet Annerino of some months back on The Clothesline.  She has developed in response to sexual misconduct – rife in the world.

Current examples of sexual misconduct scandals:

  • Larry Nassar – sexual molestation with US Girls’ Gymnastics Team (160 women and young girls)
  • Harvey Weinstein – Sexual harassment and rape (85 people have come forward)
  • Bill Cosby – drugging, raping & sexual assault over 50 years (45 have come forward)

This is the inspiration for ReputationCheck: that the innocent need not suffer for the powerful to be brought to justice

“We may not be able to stop people from doing bad things, but we give individuals a safe place from which to share truths. We could stop this serial horrific progression of sexual predators. We can end the vicious cycle before we see another scandal.”

In our interview with Juliet Annerino from the potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency to shift the impact of activism was unlocked.

Listen to the full podcast with Juliet Annerino here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass


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