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Keeping Our Food And Personal Care Companies Honest

How many times have you read a label on a product for misleading, unintelligible ingredients that will probably give you cancer but which are called all manner of fluff like ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’?

They sound innocuous enough, but when you get down to the nitty gritty (usually due to some terrible physical condition which is befalling you or a loved one), you realise in dismay that the companies we trust to keep our best health interests at heart are actually lying thieves?

In our interview with JP Parker, when asked how Blockchain technology could positively impact on our future as humankind, she mentions the example of the supply chain and the fact that we will no longer need to be label experts (with parental ‘degrees’ in chemical toxicity) in order to ensure that what we’re eating, what we’re giving our kids, what we’re putting on our skin and even washing our hair with, will not poison us.

Imagine keeping these companies accountable with FULL DISCLOSURE (meme of the day), with all true ingredients listed on blocks in the Blockchain, every step of the production from seed to sealing of the final product, accessible for all to witness?

So how does it work?  How can Blockchain technology ensure that the supply chain management is clean, clear and honest?

  • due to the transparency of Blockchain ledgers, consumers become better informed on production & shipping
  • information is logged on the Blockchain in every step of production from the raw material to the sealed product on the shelf
  • information is provided on how products were made
  • lists of materials and chemicals used are visible for all to see
  • where production wastes are disposed
  • fair treatment of employees: exploitation revealed therefore stamped out
  • leads to more environmentally-friendly choices eg. choosing locally grown foods –
  • shipping distances are recorded so by consumers opting for local, carbon emissions can be effectively reduced
  • produce coming from recorded sustainable sources
  • fair-trade products – you can sure it’s the real deal not just a pretty label

(With information and inspiration from Future Thinkers 7 ways.)

All of this critical information is freely available on the Blockchain to help prevent waste, inefficiency and fraud to ensure we really can see what is going on every step of the way…

Listen to the full podcast with JP Parker here


By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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