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Nobody Is Really Talking About What Happens When It All Goes Wrong

Here at Crypto Clothesline, we’ve asked a number of experts and enthusiasts in their fields to comment on the areas of interest that came up in the interview with CryptoGat (Ivan S.) who has over 70k followers on Twitter and recently had a fall from grace after he was found to be part of a market manipulation scheme.

Nicole Lancaster-Ashby of High-Profit Media on Crypto Clothesline, commenting in regards to our interview with CryptoGat, on how media exposure can destroy a person’s private life.

According to Nicole:

“The more likes you have on social media, the better for your ego – something that really matters for that generation.”

It’s important though to realise the ramifications of such exposure, so many followers – nectar one day, rotten fruit the next.

When something goes wrong, or you don’t act according to the wish of the masses, you can fall from your platform of popularity, and it can cost you, dearly.

“Nobody is really talking about what happens when it all goes wrong. It can be really tragic and really impact one’s life.”

With a following of over 70 K people on social media, each of whom goes and chat in a negative way with 10 people in their networks about you, all of a sudden there’s a whole lot of people bagging you for your choices.

CryptoGat was afraid for his life at one point.  He was receiving death threats, had his personal information hacked and was held to ransom for his crypto accounts.  In addition, he spent a period of time living in grave fear for the safety of himself, his family, friends and loved ones.

At what point does a public figure become responsible for the decisions their followers make?  If public influencers are role models for the public, when they act out of expected behaviours, it creates mistrust and confusion.

On the other end of a keyboard, it’s easy to pull someone down.  Especially in the volatile crypto world, you’re open to attacks, hacking and criticisms to say the least.

Nicole herself was the subject of misquoted information in a state-wide newspaper some years back and the misguided journalism cost her a contract as well as in part, her reputation in the industry she was involved in.

Nicole comments that you have to be very careful about what you say and how you get represented. The cryptosphere especially is rife with lambo-mooners, armchair experts and badmouth typists.

Be careful out there!

Listen to the full podcast here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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