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Online We Still Can’t Reliably Establish One Another’s Identities

“Online, we still can’t reliably establish one another’s identities or trust one another to transact and exchange money without validation from a third party like a bank or a government. These same intermediaries collect our data and invade our privacy for commercial gain and national security.”

– Don Tapscott, Blockchain Revolution

In an interview with Bonnie Yiu we discuss the collection of identity documents.

IBM, the leader in blockchain technology worldwide, is working closely identity leaders “to design and implement global standards for the internet’s long-missing identity layer: decentralized, point-to-point exchange of information about people, organizations, or things – enabled by blockchain – created specifically for a world of many networks” so that soon, identity will be indestructible.

Listen to the full podcast with Bonnie Yiu here

By Amy-Rose Goodey


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