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Peer-To-Peer Solar Energy Exchange: How Do You Tag An Electron?

Bonnie commented on the interview with City of Fremantle Mayor Brad Pettitt in relation to peer-to-peer trading, revealing to us the fact that:

“…electrons can’t be tagged.”

This brings into the conversation the question of how you can prove that solar power traded between households is actually solar and not power generated by other means.  She cited the example of a neighbour using a generator to create power as opposed to one using solar panels, both contributing power back to the grid, saying there is currently no way of knowing the source of electrons. This brings into question the validity of sustainability references in relation to peer-to-peer trading of solar power.

It was a fascinating mini-chat and brought into consideration some little discussed facts around the matter.

In the Live Streaming of Blockchain Fremantle’s event, Dave Martin, Managing Director of Power Ledger, discusses various energy-exchange concepts at length in terms of the company’s current connections and collaborations with Kepco in Osaka, Japan: BCPG in Thailand; North West University in Chigago and Silicon Valley Power in California.

Bonnie is currently working as a consultant on other Blockchain projects including Tykn, the Australian Stock Exchange and new things yet to be released to the public.

A woman worth listening to!

Listen to the full podcast with Mayor Brad Pettitt and special guest Bonnie Yiu here

Listen to the full original podcast we had with Bonnie with relation to and getting ID for refugees and people caught in natural disasters, recorded on the Blockchain, so that they might live with basic human rights and not as shadows in society, without proof of identity and access to basic services like health care and legal aid.


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