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Templates Of How We Organise Nonprofits Have Not Be Updated In Centuries

“Templates of how we organize and govern such as partnerships, corporations, or nonprofits have not be updated in centuries, we still use many of the ancient rules and vernacular today, patching expanding gaps of trust and accounting all stemming from increasing modernized complexity.”

-Richie Etwaru, Blockchain: Trust Companies

In a recent interview with Pete Winn of KarmaPay we discuss how it has been well documented that blockchain can reduce administration costs in many industries including not-for-profits.

Also in Part 2 of our interview with CryptoGat, he discusses some Blockchain projects he loves, commenting that the transparency that blockchain provides means that we can contribute our funds, knowing just where they are being spent… unlike traditional charities where there is much contention over ‘administration fees’ and money donated not being applied to actual people or projects that inspired the giving in the first place.

Listen to the full podcast with Pete Winn here

Listen to the full podcast Part 1 with CryptoGat here and Part 2 here

By Amy-Rose Goodey

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