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The Innocent Need Not Suffer For The Powerful To Be Brought To Justice

“ReputationCheck was born of the simple yet strong belief that the innocent need not suffer for the powerful to be brought to justice.”

– Juliet Annerino

We interviewed Juliet Annerino of some months back on The Clothesline, and since seeing this video, I thought I would share bullet points of her main message…

In this short 2-minute video Juliet sums up perfectly what is really all about:

Current examples of sexual misconduct scandals:

  • Larry Nassar – sexual molestation with US Girls’ Gymnastics Team (160 women and young girls)
  • Harvey Weinstein – Sexual harassment and rape (85 people have come forward)
  • Bill Cosby – drugging, raping & sexual assault over 50 years (45 have come forward)
  • Avalanche effect – once a brave victim comes forward against sexual predators, the floodgates open
  • More are encouraged to come forward by the truth sharing

This is the inspiration for ReputationCheck: that the innocent need not suffer for the powerful to be brought to justice

  • We may not be able to stop people from doing bad things, but we give individuals a safe place from which to share truths
  • We could stop this serial horrific progression of sexual predators
  • We can end the vicious cycle before we see another scandal
  • How do we accomplish this without prejudice or human error?
  • With accuracy and accountability
  • ReputationCheck is a blockchain platform where reports may be entered, shared and distributed securely and anonymously amongst verified members of communities
  • Data will be aggregated and correlated by smart contracts and AI
  • Identities will be protected by a system of Zero Knowledge Proof Cryptography (zero-knowledge proofs require interaction between the individual (or computer system) proving their knowledge and the individual validating the proof)
  • ReputationCheck is innovation for impact
  • Can vulnerable whistle-blowers be protected?
  • Can trusted organisations guard against sexual predators, scandal and litigation?
  • Can bad behaviour be checked & halted before it becomes a pattern?
  • Will shared truth spark a new dawn of dignity for the individual?
  • YES

In our interview with Juliet Annerino from the potential for blockchain and cryptocurrency to shift the impact of activism was unlocked.

Listen to the full podcast with Juliet Annerino here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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