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With Conviction And A Lack Of Pride You Can Accomplish Almost Anything

“With conviction and a lack of pride you can accomplish almost anything.

– Vic Reeves

I love this quote, it’s one of Pete Winn’s faves.  We interviewed Pete on the Clothesline, and we’re really enthusiastic to support the work he’s doing together with his team at KarmaPay.

It’s a message that’s effective and central to the work these people at KarmaPay are doing.

Network Philanthropy’s Principle 5 speaks about ‘scale’: being able to up the ante on giving in order to effect real and lasting change for all the issues humankind are currently experiencing on this planet.

Philanthropy needs to be free of geographical, organisational or man-made boundaries in order to solve the world’s current issues totalling well over $20 billion.

We believe that by following these principles and building them into future enterprises we can make real changes in this world and start to see the eradication of some of the big issues of our time.’

“With conviction and a lack of pride you can accomplish almost anything.”  With conviction and a lack of pride, and together as a caring collective, we can accomplish almost anything…

Listen to the full podcast with Pete Winn here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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