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Would You Rather Feed The Banker Or Educate The Child?

Pete Winn of KarmaPay, together with some other team members, has created a platform where you help fund the building of a school when you pay for a coffee.

Whenever we tap our plastic-fantastic cards purchasing items like a coffee or a croissant from the bakery, a fee is sent to the bank for providing the payment service.

Imagine these costly transaction fees (usually forwarded to greedy pin-striped bankers unfurling their chubby hands each time we pay for something) being sent instead to KarmaPay, via an app on your phone.

KarmaPay redirects those micro-funds to another voluntary organisation whose primary aim is to help build schools in developing nations for the 121 million children who currently have no access to education, for example.

How cool is that?

Would you rather feed the banker or educate the child?

No brainer.

We Love KarmaPay!

Listen to the full podcast with Pete Winn here

By Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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