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Amanda Alexiuc of Living Room of Satoshi on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This week we get to speak to a wonderful woman, who, wanting to re-enter the workforce after having children, was unsure of which direction to turn to.

Sound familiar all you mums out there?

Amanda Alexiuc ended up working in tech-land as the client relations associate of Living Room of Satoshi (LROS), an online platform where you can pay for bills, credit cards, even your cup of coffee, using over 14 different cryptocurrency options.

“Living Room of Satoshi is a site where you can turn your cryptocurrency into paying everyday bills. We’re only in Australia at the moment, but we’re looking at expanding to New Zealand in the really near future…”

From Bitcoin to Litecoin to Dash to Ethereum, Monero and Zcash, you can choose your preferred currency.

Now imagine this: you bought your Bitcoin at $1000, and it’s now valued at $3000.  You can use the difference to pay your bills.  Not bad, hey??? Using the cream to make your obligatory payments, so the rest of your regular income goes straight to you.

Some people call it paying your bills for free…

Just go in and have a look on the live site, you can see payments made at Red Rooster at Brisbane airport (fast food franchise outlet), to Commonwealth or Westpac bank payments, and even Telstra.  People are using this platform every minute to pay for things! Over 150, 000 bills have been paid to date using this forward-thinking, future-oriented online service.

“…you can pay your electricity, your mobile phone, you can buy a cup of coffee or you can just give yourself money paid into your own bank account.”

In our recent interview with podcaster and YouTuber Alex Saunders of Nuggets News, he talks about LoS earning the Australian Start-up Awards in 2016.

How does a child-care worker, and a mum end up in crypto, you might ask?

Despite her fears at not being a ‘techie’ and feeling out of her depth, she had overheard a number of conversations about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and decided eventually she was going to give it a go and throw herself in the deep end.  She (kindly) said that listening to the episodes from Crypto Clothesline really helped her on her journey as she heard the stories of so many wonderful women and men, that she decided she could do it too!

“I was really nervous about getting into this industry and then I discovered you ladies and it made me so excited because I didn’t realise that there were so many amazing women in the industry.

Having listening to all your podcasts has made me even more excited and made me feel more comfortable in the space…”

In particular Amanda mentioned the interview with JP Parker, saying that although she’s such a clever woman, she sounded neither cocky nor superior, just willing and happy to teach others:

“She’s amazing, that woman. She’s so full of knowledge, but in no way is she. I’m cocky about it. She’s just a very human and down to earth and happy to teach people. So listening to her made me feel like, yeah, I can. I can do this. I’m okay to learn something new and it’s okay to be a woman in a mainstream men industry.”

It’s certainly great feedback for Amy-Rose and me as our primary reason for setting up the Clothesline was to give women a ‘soft place to land’.

In fact, we thank Living Room of Satoshi as one of our foundational sponsors here at Crypto Clothesline, having jumped in to fund our endeavours right back after our 10th episode!

Amanda is also involved in Customer Service, so if you’re feeling confused about how to make a transaction (even the simplest procedures can be confusing the first time) she is there to smooth out any wrinkles for you at LROS.

There are a number of step-by-step videos that talk you right through the process which can be found both on the site itself and also on YouTube (see show notes).

“…even though we’ve made it as simple as possible, some people still make mistakes and also because there’s, um, there’s a number of ways people can do things either there’s so many wallets to choose from. Some wallets take out fees beforehand or you have to add your own fees on top of that.”

TravelbyBit, another wonderfully successful Australian company that has introduced crypto payment software to over 250 merchants across Australia, use the LROS as their chosen exchange platform all retail and business transactions. LROS offers a lower rate than most other exchanges, meaning that as a customer, we can save money using LoS. (listen to interview with TBB here)

“It’s about the community and about what everybody else would like. So, if anybody else wants to let us know what they like, just email us and then the more people that let us know then the more we can add them on.”

We love Amanda’s favourite quote especially:

“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain…”

Show notes

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LROS: Step by step instructions on how to go through the process of a transaction.

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