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Amelia Franklin of BeanLedger on Crypto Clothesline

This week we welcome Amelia Franklin of BeanLedger on Crypto Clothesline.

If you didn’t think your coffee addiction was a problem before, it may be time to reconsider. In just a few short years coffee is set to become extinct and Amelia Franklin is making it her life mission to save the coffee crops and reinvent the industry altogether.

Amelia explains that the main purpose of bean leadger is not to duplicate the ‘organic’ and ‘fair trade’ certification systems because that has already been done with blockchain. What hasn’t bean done (pardon the pun) is the inclusion of the farmers, the roasters, the sellers and the drinkers in guaranteeing that the bean you drank from is not in fact a ‘blood bean’.  

BeanLedger will not be an ICO but will go ‘old school’ and crowdfund.  To support this cause whose mission is to save the planet through coffee head to their website:  www.beanledger.or

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