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Andrea Walker of The Black Women’s Guide to Crypto and Blockchain, on Crypto Clothesline

We love Andrea Walker’s clarity and ‘unapologetic’ approach to marketing and targeting a precise niche in the international market, which, according to research, statistically and historically have been grossly underrepresented in the science, maths and tech spheres, and have repeatedly missed out on their share of the wealth pie…

Not only do women represent a measly 5% presence within the crypto-sphere: but Black women?  Way less than that.

It’s Andrea’s passion and purpose, inspired by the hardships she witnessed in her own mother’s life, to bring to Black women the world over, the opportunity not only to learn about the potential wealth-transfer of cryptocurrencies so these women too can receive due distribution of eventual financial growth, but also and equally importantly, to receive certified training in Blockchain technology.

Enter: Black Women’s Guide to Crypto and Blockchain

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