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Angela Wright of Noble ICO on Crypto Clothesline

This week we were honoured to have Angela Write from Noble ICO on the Crypto Clothesline Podcast.

Angela is focussed on humanity plus businesses that are profitable for people, planet and the greater good. When describing Noble ICO as a business Angela explains that “Life is too short to be involved in anything that isn’t true to your values” and goes on to say that crypto and blockchain are like business x1000 because things happen so fast in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.

We also dive deep into the companies who are using the profits made from the data they collect from us to fund the arms trade. Angela mentions that two of our biggest service providers are owned by the biggest arms traders in the world.

A major project that Angela is working with at the moment is the DHealth network which is about decentralised health with AI, blockchain and robotics. It is about connecting health consumers and providers, researchers and investors.  DHealth Network is owned by the community and anyone can take part. Health consumers can upload health records from various health professionals and store them in order to secure the data and share if you need to.

Angela is an incredible woman with many businesses and projects ranging from crypto education all the way to business mentorships. For more info check out the links below.

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