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Bonnie Yiu of Tykn on Crypto Clothesline

Learn how Blockchain technology is improving the lives of people like refugees with no legal identity.

People whose ID papers have been destroyed in natural disasters, or political upheaval and destruction like war. Those who are vulnerable to human trafficking, prostitution and child abuse, because they are invisible to the world and used by underground organisations to meet humanity’s dark side. Meet the woman who’s helping to make this humanitarian change (to shine light where there’s darkness) happen.

Bonnie is a lawyer, and she’s involved in a number of Blockchain projects, the Head of Strategy for Tykn as well as the co-author of the digital identity whitepaper for Tykn, a Netherlands-based company.

She’s also the host of Let’s Talk Crypto – Australian Blockchain Panel Discussion (see notes below). (She’s pretty awesome, gotta say…)

Tykn is an organisation putting the ID of refugees and/or people who’re victims of natural disasters, on the Blockchain. She works as a Head of Strategy to Tykn, helping the organisation form a sound business plan from which to put into orbit amazing (humanitarian) change…

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Let’s Talk Crypto – Australian Blockchain Panel Discussion


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