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Comedian Michael Connell on Crypto Clothesline

What a breath of fresh air speaking to Australian Bitcoin comedian Michael Connell.

Michael first heard about cryptocurrencies and digital alternatives to Fiat cash money when he worked as a copywriter in an investment firm back in 2015/16.

Lucky Michael!

He learnt then, with some surprise and possibly a little dismay, that the current monetary paper cash-based system was backed up by…absolutely nothing!

He learnt that the digital money he saw on the screen when ‘banking’ or withdrawing cash from the machine in the wall, was actually nothing other than a series of numbers on a screen and that the actual cash was just a bunch of paper.

And… he was clever enough to get in on the Bitcoin action early in the piece… a self0declared HODLER, Michael can happily make people laugh ‘cos he’s laughing too – all the way (from) the bank…

He decided back then to bring Bitcoin to the people through stand-up comedy.  The difficulty (and the fun) in writing his routine though, was that the audience were largely uninformed about the emerging world of cryptocurrencies.

His take on this crypto-world is very cool:

“I love Bitcoin, right? And… the problem with a new technology is that… there are always people who are not ready…

Like when the internet came out, there were people who were like:

‘Nah, I don’t think this is going to be popular…

And then email came out and people were like:

‘Nah, this isn’t going to catch on…’

And then Bitcoin comes out and people are like,

‘ Nah…’

And I’m like:

‘Aren’t you sick of being WRONG?!’

Excerpted from his YouTube recording Why you need to start using Bitcoin

(see link in notes below)

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