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CryptoGat (Ivan S.) on Crypto Clothesline Podcast – PART 2 of 2

Welcome to Part 2 of our interview with CryptoGat (Ivan S.) on Crypto Clothesline.

This week is our second episode featuring CryptoGat (Ivan S.) following on from last week where we discussed market manipulation (pump-and-dump) in cryptocurrencies, and cybersecurity with an emphasis on ransom attacks from your social media inner circle, talking also to experts in their fields: Martin McGinty, Kim Gibson-Newton and Thomas Jreige.

This week we look at CryptoGat’s advice for newbies, including what to be wary of in the cryptosphere, some more about the reactions following his public apology, what he’s working on now, the Blockchain projects that he loves to support and his fave trading books.  Guests this week giving a mini-take on the subject matter includes: Matt Morrison of BlockBoxx speaking about market manipulation, Nicole Lancaster-Ashby of High-Profit Media in regards to media and the negative impact of online attacks, and Dr Sophie Henshaw of Henshaw Consulting and Empaths Online who speaks to us about cyberbullying.

When asked what his advice is for young people wanting to get into crypto, CryptoGat insists that you need to do research! Education is the most important aspects to make sure you know what you’re doing.  If necessary consult a trusted adult, talk to your parents or ask a friend to look into what you’re keen to invest in.  Always get a second opinion about whether to get involved or not…

CryptoGat admits getting lost in his comfort zone:

“I fell for something I preach people NOT to do…I got in without looking at it.”

CryptoGat mentioned that after his apology, he was scared to write anything anywhere… the crypto market has been losing money, with a lot of anger, and the general sentiment on Twitter had changed over the last few months.  He didn’t realise the impact of his apology and the barrage of hate it would attract.

He said:

“…it was a horrible situation, with literally 100s of messages daily, including death threats and hate texts.”

It allowed him to make a fresh start however: he’s able to hand-pick the projects he’s most interested in with a view to moving away from producing content and day-trading, and concentrate more on consulting, advising and choosing projects with a tech-focus.

Find out more:

This week’s podcast was a gala of experts in trading, cryptocurrency market manipulations, and cybersecurity.

To hear the complete interview with CryptoGat (Ivan.s) and all supporting interviews please visit their separate interviews below:

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