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Deryck Graham of First Digital Capital on Crypto Clothesline

Today we met with Deryck Graham of First Digital Capital, who’s sponsoring the live community event ‘Blockchain Economy’ happening next week in Perth, on Tues 21st August with a view to attracting crypto enthusiasts, blockchain professionals, investors and those simply wanting to learn more about all of the above.  The main purpose of the event being education and networking.


Guest speakers include a veritable New York line up starting with Dr Scott Stornetta, Co-Inventor of the Blockchain, Dr David Yermack, Professor of Finance at NYU Business School and currently working for a month with the University of Western Australia, and Justin Dombrowski, CEO of Soho who is presently collaborating with First Digital Capital.


While we questioned Deryck about the obvious lack of women in the speakers’ line up, he assured us that Fremantle’s very own Dr Jemma Green was unable to join the event that evening and that visiting Simonne Hurse of and Satis group would be among panellists on the night.


I really really care about getting more women involved in all this, and I co-run a group for women in tech here in NYC, with 2000 members. We’re always looking for excellent speakers + companies to sponsor the group, please get in touch if you’d like to get involved. ( From Simonne’s profile on LinkedIn.


Dr Scott Stornetta struck our imagination and Amy-Rose is musing over whether he’s actually Satoshi, or better, Scottoshi… Currently a high-school maths teacher, he started working on the blockchain idea back in 1991 while working as a researcher at Bell Labs, before even the unfolding of the internet.


The research involved whether he and a colleague, could make a digital file unbreakable and indelible, according to Deryck.  They were unable to prove their hypothesis, but then 3 months later, they couldn’t prove that it COULDN’T be done either…


Some time later while queuing at a busy restaurant one Sunday lunch, he had an ‘ahah’ moment when he observed all the people lined up in front and behind him, with the other diners watching them in line…


“Hashtags in a chain were the people in the queue, and the distributed ledger were the people watching us in the crowd…”


Dr Scott Stornetta’s work is mentioned 3 times in the Bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto.


Deryck has been involved in a number of community charity events, one that saw Perth Porsche drivers take children out for a convoy ride through the streets and city of Perth in conjunction with Make-a-Wish Australia (transforming the lives of children battling life-threatening medical conditions through the healing power of a wish), raising in the meantime hundreds of thousands of dollars.


He currently runs Classic Cars & Coffees one Sunday a month at the University of WA, where between 350 to 550 cars are showcased by members who raise funds for charities.


We’re thrilled to be attending Blockchain Economy this coming week and will share all the chats and interviews on the Clothesline!


Look out for our Facebook page for more instant information and spontaneous ‘Lives’ where we livestream meetings and events as they happen…


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