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Dr Jemma Green of Power Ledger on Crypto Clothesline

Give yourself a short time to be swept away into what at first seems like a mix of sci-fi and fantasy – house to house exchange of solar power through the Blockchain – I kept trying to picture my neighbours trying to push sunshine through a digital ledger system.

Bizarre and decidedly Dr Spock-ish.

But no! It’s Dr Green.  Dr Jemma Green is the most pleasant mix of totally approachable and yet decidedly unBS-sy. She takes my most un-tech questions and flips me back the answers in a matter-of-fact and informative way.

Kudos to a woman managing so many impressive roles from mother to co-founder to researcher and more.

Jemma uses her strong background in both finance and environmental science to bring to the world an opportunity to use solar power resources peer to peer, ie, between households, and also in an apartment block where power (electricity) can be sold directly to the inhabitants even though they don’t have access to individual solar panels.

Teaming together with other tech-minds Jemma is truly a disruptive innovator in the blockchain community and it was such a pleasure to talk to such a straight-shooting, down-to-earth mamma pregnant with her second child! ​

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