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Juliet Annerino of ReputationCheck on Crypto Clothesline

Hearing about in the wake of the #metoo campaign is pretty telling: victims of abuse are getting support in anonymously speaking out.

Wowsers! Speaking with Juliet was just amazing.  From writing cabarets in Manhattan to white papers in Silicone Valley, this lady is a creative wordsmith-powerhouse!

Juliet Annerino has taken the #metoo movement to a whole new level of truth-sharing with Blockchain technology as its AI backbone.  She’s developing a platform called ‘a new standard of ethics via the Blockchain’.  A project giving victims an opportunity to responsibly and anonymously reveal sexual harassment and abuse in a given community like the Hollywood movie industry for example, by registering her/his experience via a series of verifying steps, resulting in a Blockchain-recorded ledger, meanwhile taking every measure to avoid ‘false frivolous reporting’.

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