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Kathy Roberts of The Tidy Tutor on Crypto Clothesline

Our guest this week is an absolute hoot.

Kathy Roberts is an online entrepreneur, grandmother and mother of 5 (solo mamma I might add) who is a relative newbie in the crypto world, learning how to navigate the space.

She talks about the challenges she’s experienced navigating the cryptosphere as a total newbie in the field, and how much she’s looking for a structured course to give her that ongoing support and resources to continually be able to refer back to.

Personal highlights: how Crypto Blackboard is like the Karma Sutra of the Crypto world – giving us more options and lots of different positions to choose from!

And the healthy deception of Active Wear!

Also Amy-Rose tries gets in touch with her local council to see if they accept Bitcoin to pay the rates!

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Active Wear Yeah Baby!


Brought to you by Amy-Rose Goodey & Abheeti Kathryn Pass

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