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Leah Callon-Butler of Intimate on Crypto Clothesline – PART 1/2

The interview with Leah Callon-Butler from Part 1, shed some much needed light on the condition of the adult industry with respect to payments, reputation and safety.

“Most payment gateways outright refuse to deal with businesses that service the adult sector. Payment gateways hide behind assertions of fraud, which is a risk, but one that can be mitigated with identity solutions. In reality, payment gateways, or the banks that service them, avoid the industry due to perceived, and real reputational risk.”

Excerpted from the Whitepaper

From a background in renewable energy to Dress for Success and then to, one thing stood out, Leah has every intention making the world a better place for women, and particularly those in the adult industry who are facing extreme risk and payment issues daily. In this sense in particular, Leah understood that the adult industry was going to benefit dramatically from the implementation of Blockchain technology.

The porn industry alone is worth $97 Billion but payments to these services are often blocked, prohibited and often impossible. Leah discusses openly how workers need to take additional, often insufficient, security measures prior to meeting a client due to the risks.

It brings an empathic understanding of the adult industry and how discrimination is heavily impacting on their right to safety, payment systems and earn a living.

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