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Leah Callon-Butler of Intimate on Crypto Clothesline – PART 2/2

Leah Callon-Butler is one gutsy woman.

Last week in Part 1 of our interview with Leah Callon-Butler, we discussed the legs of the vagina, the taint against working in the adult industry with respect to payments, reputation and safety.  While it’s a contentious subject matter, the fact remains that discrimination is heavily impacting on sex workers’ right to safety, payment systems and ability to earn a living.

This week in Part 2 of our podcast interview with Leah, we’re discussing the biased, unfair treatment that women (and men) in this industry repeatedly face from not being able to open a business bank account therefore having problems transacting, right down to the obvious dangers (like physical violence, denied payment and the passing of disease) of working in the business of swapping sex for money.

We’re going to look in more detail at how Blockchain technology can address these.

“Cryptocurrency allows people the right to transact, whereas at the moment transacting in the adult industry is blocked by most advanced payment methods including banks, PayPal, Stripe and others.”

Pseudonyms allow people to set up a system for developing a truthful reputation:

“Developing a reputation system is extremely powerful for building trust.”

With Blockchain technology, these issues can be addressed by ensuring that verified, if anonymous information created as a private pseudonym, can be securely stored in a ledger or data base that cannot be tampered with.  Furthermore, Blockchain provides a means of payment which doesn’t rely on banks or biased online payment systems.

Blockchain is a perfect use-case for this industry: providing both transparency of relevant information, and privacy for that information that both parties prefer to keep discreet.

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