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Martin McGinty of BlockBoxx on Crypto Clothesline

Martin’s the perfect example of someone who always seeing the funny side of shitty situations (my words not his) and you can really hear that wry humour coming through in this interview.

Martin, together with some other powerful movers and shakers, is creating a mammoth Blockchain help centre basically – everything from entrepreneurs with a ground-breaking idea for an ICO needing business and specialist support to sharing trading tips and education; sharing practical applications of how blockchain technology can positively benefit corporate businesses and even local government bodies; right through to blockchain education: “training the trainers” so that in conjunction with Universities, developers with an existing understanding of some code languages, can come together under an accredited and recognised education system to gain the much needed qualifications to work on blockchain projects. Most importantly perhaps is the focus at BlockBoxx on community and the mixing of ideas and real live humans: rubbing elbows in daily lunchtime meetings, at the coffee machine (a step up from the proverbial photocopier) and side by side at desks where apparently random conversations can lead to powerful and exciting collaborations.

It’s an exciting time to be surfing this new and unfurling Blockchain space – so much more than digital currency…

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