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Mike Holt Visionary of the Australian Yellow Vest Movement on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This first week of season two is a showstopper comprising of two episodes interviewing the trailblazers behind the Yellow Vest Movements (YVM) in both France and Australia.

Mike Holt is a force to be reckoned with and the man behind one of the Australian Yellow Vest Movements (YVM).  As a Vietnam Vet and a patriotic Australian, Mike has nothing more pressing to achieve in his life than making Australia great again.

This episode is a bonus episode in support of our interview with Roman Light the visionary behind the French YVM (Episode with Roman Light can be found here).  The YVM began in France just 6 weeks ago and has spread to over 25 countries with thousands of protestors flocking to the streets and to the Facebook Pages.

Mike Holt, a long term believer in the Citizens Initiated Referendum (CIR) chats with us about the purpose of the YVM in Australia and the founding principles behind the movement. Mike shares with us the incredibly significant impact that a CIR could have on Australia with respect to voting for the laws we want and voting out those laws we don’t want. Mike points out that the YVM in Australia along with Blockchain technology could set the country up for a decentralised and fair voting system whereby the public can come together using a phone app and have their say.

Some controversial points that we cover are illegal taxation including rates, abolishing fines where there was no harm (speeding) and restructuring the Australian Government altogether.

As the founder of one of the Australian Yellow Vest Movements, Mike has aligned directly with the French YVM, an action to ensure that the worldwide Yellow Vest Movements are all on the same page. It is with regularity that many groups around the world bearing the yellow vest are not associated with the original movement.  Mike explains that some groups we are seeing are popping up and have agendas not relating to CIR or the movement in France, instead are fighting for individual goals such as immigration, cost of living, self-defence laws and the date of Australia Day.

Mike has begun releasing live videos alongside Roman Light via the Australian YVM Facebook Page to cover the CIR and the YVM.

You can find the Facebook Page where Mike is an admin here.

You can find the interview with Roman Light the founder of the French Yellow Vest Movement here.

The Australian Yellow Vests Movement Facebook group can be found here.


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