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Naomi Brockwell – ‘Bitcoin Girl’ on Crypto Clothesline

Naomi Brockwell, our guest this week, is like a crypto-chameleon, moving through life metamorphoses with amazing projects including: working as an actress, musician and dancer; co-founding The Soho Forum where there are monthly debates on topics of interest to libertarians; emceeing various international events including Consensus18 and travelling the world; creating Bitcoin Girl and other funky pop takes on the crypto world from Bitcoin Girl to Satoshi’s whitepaper; having her own extremely successful quirky techy YouTube channel where she chats with the geekiest to the slickest; humanitarian interviews and a heap of really interesting other stuff…

Naomi Brockwell is a content super creator and she does it with such originality and aplomb!

Leaving Perth, Western Australia and starting out in New York over 10 years ago, Naomi arrived in the big city as an opera singer, going on through a series of experiences to becoming a producer on the (very famous in the States) Stossel Show. Naomi appears regularly on FBN as a spokesperson for bitcoin, and has also appeared on the Larry Parks Show, the Peter Schiff Show, and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Playboy, and Bloomberg.

She’s a funny woman, an intelligent human and striking in the broad range of capabilities and understanding within this intensely diversified crypto-blockchain scene, that she portrays.

With a YouTube following on Naomi Brockwell TV, of nearly 8,000 and a Twitter mob of over 19,000, Naomi is an important and influential figure in the international crypto scene.  It’s so refreshing to see her brandishing her beauty and wit also as a woman in the space – we’re few and far between at this stage in crypto history, and she’s such an important model for other women coming in and learning about this monetary ecosystem.

Naomi surprisingly claims that:

“New York is one of the worst places in the world for Crypto.”

What happened over here in 2014 was… the ‘Bitcoin Hearings’.  How do we deal with this thing that seems to be taking a lot of power away from banks and power away from the Federal Reserve and all these things  …They were quite worried so they had these hearings and a man by the name of Ben Lawsky put together this legislation that basically brought crypto and blockchain companies to a halt in New York. Just like that. It’s been absolutely devastating to the industry here.

But New York has much in store for Naomi, who after studying opera in the city:

“…actually became friends with the economics editor of Berenstain Epstein who took me under his wing and to go full circle, I became obsessed with Austrian economics.”

Did Hayek predict bitcoin?

From there Naomi became really interested in cryptocurrency, and tech in general – eventually giving up her position as film producer, also producing for John Stossel (19 Grammy Awards) and becoming really focussed on the blockchain world.

In creating her public branding through the parody of Billy Joel’s ‘Uptown Girl’ which Naomi renamed (and re-famed) “Bitcoin Girl” Naomi effectively and playfully helped to re-brand the negative ideas around Bitcoin at the time:

“…people were just overjoyed that there was someone who was making something fun in crypto at a time when the mainstream media were only talking about people who were buying drugs and who were interested in money laundering, and it was all this very negative perspective on cryptocurrency in general.”

We discussed the fact that for many, the crypto market seems too volatile and risky and Naomi clarified that no-one should spend more than they can afford to lose, but

“…for sure if you can afford a few dollars just to spend and play and actually see what it’s like on just one of these exchanges or one of these platforms. It can be really rewarding and exciting as well.”

If you’ve got $20 left over from the family budget instead of going buying three coffee, go and buy $20 worth of bitcoin, just sit on it and forget about it – the same way as if you drink coffee you forget about that (and you’re getting zero return on that spent coffee money, it ain’t ever paying you back).

Naomi is emceeing over 20 conferences a year all over the world, learning about amazing new ideas, and staying abreast of the changes in the ever-changing tech space:

“…you’re surrounded by the smartest minds in the world who are just working on this ground-breaking new technology.”

The last bit of the interview is the absolute best. An unexpected musical ending which puts Doris Day on the back burner of operatic crypto symbology favourite things…. Listen up!

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