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Noah Klein of Amasia on Crypto Clothesline

If you’re looking for collaboration not competition…

If you’re an artist, a creative, an intuitive, if you’re looking to create a brighter future incorporating the democratic aspects of Blockchain technology, then listen up big to Noah Klein and his ideas and storytelling, for co-creating a brighter future for us all by showing how ‘creatives’ are needed in the Blockchain and Crypto space.

The CEO of Amasia Creative Consulting Group, Noah is co-creating a blockchain-integrated, highly adaptable, collaborative, decentralized agency, pairing clients with creative partners from the Amasia Creative Partner Ecosystem to build an award-winning team tailored to fit clients’ needs: from creative content, to public relations and media management, to marketing, and also technology.

Noah comments that:

“…creative arts are what makes us human: based on the inner guiding principles of belief, love, trust and loyalty together with empathy, compassion and understanding.  No robot can create the tapestry of these intangibles, no programmer can code these human abstracts.”

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