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Paul Seils of BlockConscious: Freedom and Privacy Warrior on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This week we welcome back one of our early guests Paul Seils, who is brave enough to share his losses in 2018 and his hopes for the evolving financial system.

“The truth will set you free but first it’ll piss you off…”

Paul Seils has been in and out of companies he started from scratch, cryptocurrency, consciousness and various spiritual journeys. He is a musician and body-builder and a passionate advocate for human rights and health.

With snippets in the podcast from Andreas Antonopoulos (guest on the Clothesline podcast in 2 weeks) and Garret LoPorto peppered throughout our chat with Paul.

We travel through the lows of 2018, the failing projects, fractional reserve banking, the future of cryptocurrency and the awakening that saw the creation of Bitcoin itself.

In discussing what money is, and isn’t, we discuss the notions of cash, digital numbers, value and wealth.

There is this Catch 22 with money or wealth.  We actually associate it being related to personal freedom, maybe not spiritual freedom, but we do relate it to being able to live comfortably, have food on the table, be warm and snugly, go on those family holidays, and so on… However, the pursuit of all that does in fact take us away also from the connection that we have with each other as humans. We’re so busy chasing the dollar or the euro or whatever, that we become both time and relationship-poor.

In this sense, we share some of the inner truths or darker truths about money that maybe not every person’s really aware of.

“People like Andreas Antonopoulos talk about: What is money? And the different characteristics of money.  But perhaps we can expand upon that a little bit further and make it more about currency or wealth.

“Sometimes we think that it’s all about chasing the money and the digits and the financial currency or the numbers, which is always great, but sometimes the greatest lessons are also through our losses as well.  What’s important and what’s real.

We can actually come to realise with the loss of a loved one, or being in sudden need and having a caring community come to our aid without need of recognition or repayment, that real wealth lies in our relationship to each other.

“I got present to having a lot of wealth but not necessarily it being in a financial way. I [see a] deep wealth of connections through community and connections with people and experiences.”

Cryptocurrency Is A Direct Form of Activism

At the BlockConscious event in in Brisbane in 2018 that Amy-Rose and I attended as media partners with Crypto Clothesline (we interviewed a number of people), we were able to listen to the live interview between Paul and Garrett LaPorta.  

Garrett made some thought-provoking comments along the lines of:

If we had all bought Bitcoin in the early days, had all made a bucket load of cash, we could all wield a lot more power over the authorities who control us, by being in a financially strong position as a populace, rather than being debt-heavy, time-poor and job-dependent (which is what keeps us where we are…)

“I ultimately got involved with cryptocurrency a few years ago because of the fact that it’s a direct form of activism which, supporting the intentionality for decentralisation and anything that provides solutions to the world. ”

A Lot Of People Just Don’t Care

Is cryptocurrency and a decentralised currency even possible?

This is a hot topic in the Telegram chat rooms the world over, and Paul remains positive that we are still in the early stages of cryptocurrency awareness and education, and that, like the 100 Monkeys’ Theory, it will all eventually come to mass understanding,

“There’s still a lot of work to be done around making the adoption [of cryptocurrencies] a lot more accessible.

“There’s a lot of people that are sort of caught in the rat race and they’re just functioning on getting their work done, paying their bills, looking after their kids…

“As a species we don’t have the tendency to always learn things the easy way, and sometimes it happens through emergence or emergency. So, it’s the old saying as well: necessity’s the mother of invention.”

“I saw the emergence of crypto currency as a shift in consciousness [which] was born out of an existing system that doesn’t work.”

I Hope For The Best And Plan For The Worst

According to Paul, education is king and until people know about and understand the potential of using this emerging financial technology, the current system based on fractional reserve debt, where the international banking borrowing ceilings just keep getting higher and higher, with the everyday citizen held responsible for the recovery of crashing banks through payment of taxes and bank account skimming by governments, then it might just take another major financial world crisis to bring us to seeking out alternatives.

“Ultimately education’s the thing.

“If there’s a serious financial correction in the market, people will automatically diversify into things that they know previously, like gold and silver and precious metals.

“Then the market will shake out and people will lose confidence in Fiat and start wanting to learn much faster about the alternatives as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned.”

Adoption and Awareness Through The Market Place

As more and more merchants are in a position to understand this money-of-the-future-now trend, adopt cryptocurrency payment options, and more and more people  see “Bitcoin Accepted Here” stickers on shop windows (for example), then, like the adoption of credit cards way back in the 50s or online banking was introduced in the 80s, it will become part of the daily lexicon and we will not question it anymore.

We are presently in this tricky transition period where the bear market keeps people cautious, at bay, waiting to see improvements and growth in the bell curves, when, ironically, they’ll emotionally buy in at the higher price.  Buying in means the mass tipping point escalates, more people buy, more people profit, more people spend…

Then the cycle will no doubt repeat itself, just as (the Crypto) Winter always turns to Spring, which turns to Summer (buy! buy!) which moves into Autumn… so we’ll see  more purchases, more brand recognition, more trust, and then even more purchases.

“There are more merchants available now than have ever been available before. It’s a global conversation people are having with each other. So, I think it’s just a matter of time. 

“Some people will never get it, it’s a generational thing as well. I remember my grandmother would never use an ATM, she wanted to go into the bank and talk to someone and give them cash over the counter.”

Privacy. 5G. Human Health.  Choice

Paul is a voracious researcher and advocate for human freedom – in terms of education and awareness over a number of aspects of daily life that many of us take completely for granted.

In the past, he was an activist for privacy, long before the metadata laws and the public outrage that emerged from the Australian government’s passing of data encryption laws (“Australia has passed a controversial new law that gives intelligence officials the power to force you to open your phone in front of them”) and the 5 Eyes Policy.

Paul Seils: Freedom and Privacy Warrior

In the past, he was an activist for privacy, long before the metadata laws and the public outrage that emerged from the Australian government’s passing of data encryption laws (“Australia has passed a controversial new law that gives intelligence officials the power to force you to open your phone in front of them”) and the 5 Eyes Policy.

“I’ve got concerns about a lot of stuff that’s happening around the lack of privacy and I spent several years as a privacy advocate talking about privacy, pre the metadata data laws coming out in Australia.”

5G What Do You Need To Know?

Since the recording of this interview Paul is passionately involved in activism educating people about the importance of refusing the roll out of 5G in Australia.

“5G (upgrades to 8G etc) is a full-blown mass surveillance system of citizens that integrates with the social credit system (currently trialled in Darwin) with ZERO tests on humans for constant, short-wave radiation exposure!

“I’m going to join all the dots & expose it all 7th July, 2019 in Brisbane!”

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Paul Seils of BlockConscious on Crypto Clothesline Podcast


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