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Roman Light Visionary of the French Yellow Vest Movement on Crypto Clothesline Podcast

This first week of season two is a showstopper comprising of two episodes interviewing the trailblazers behind the Yellow Vest Movements (YVM) in both France and Australia.

Roman Light, the visionary behind the French YVM reports on the motives behind the movement and the current volatile situation in France. The peaceful French YVM protestors began their campaign in just weeks ago in November 2018.  The mainstream media was quick to sensor and distort the demonstrations to the rest of the world making it difficult for many of us on the outside to hear the reality of what was happening on the ground….. Until now.

Roman describes the injuries and deaths as a result of force from the government with nine deaths to date and hundreds wounded.

“French people, citizens have decided to go against the government and the government is killing them. Literally the world doesn’t talk about it.” He said.

With the YVM heating up Roman remains separated from his family for their own protection and to continue his work spreading the message of the movement.

When asked how the movement was going to make the change resulting in their political freedoms Roman explained “We have a constitutional right to trigger a national referendum from our own initiatives. This is a revolution. It’s a true revolution. And the people in place, the power in place will never let this happen.”  The Citizens Initiated Referendums (CIR) are a constitutional right according to Roman and will allow the French population an opportunity  to suggest their own laws that could vote on, theoretically bypassing the French parliament.

In a further twist, the CIR (OR RIC in France) would have a multitude of other functions including the ability to repeal existing laws and amendments to the constitution. Cryptocurrency and Blockchain were key topics in the interview with blockchain technology being the vital component in the intended decentralised, encrypted and secure voting application.   Roman explains that “You have a political party in Australia that is called the flux movement. The flux movement allows you to vote on your own laws directly on your phone through an app. “and according to Roman Flux is based on the technology called the secure votes blockchain application “Basically every time people vote, the information is on the blockchain so no one can deny the existence of that vote, which will remove the corruption aspect of the political way.”  He said.

Roman is spearheading this movement that has launched in over 25 countries in just 6 weeks (Australia being one of them) however all the communication, news and media are conducted n Facebook. When asked about how he will secure the communication within the group Roman explained that due to the majority of communication being on Facebook, the risk is great.  As such he revealed his relationship with some well-known blockchain developers, fellow international YVM leaders and business men who are working together to find or build a Facebook alternative. Some of these include Ivan Jasenovic from the dHealth Network a blockchain based platform for health records and Mike Holt from the Australian YVM.

As a supporting and bonus episode we include the complete conversation with Australian YVM leader Mike Holt who sheds light on the movement in Australia and the principals, goals and reasons behind the Australian YVM. You can hear the full interview with Mike Holt here.

We truly hope you find this interview as inspiring as we did, it was an absolute honour to chat with Roman.  To find out more about the French YVM you can head to the Facebook Page or message Roman Light directly through Facebook.

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