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Sophie Amat: Crypto and Blockchain Writer on Crypto Clothesline

This week Crypto Clothesline is talking with Sophie Amat

…which is kind of like having a discussion with the Divine.

Well, we are all manifestations of the Divine, but certainly talking to her helps us establish an understanding of how the whole monetary system comes together and could be replaced incrementally by a much softer, giving and sharing version that lends itself (pun intended) to feelings of peace, harmony and generosity (our natural-born tendencies), not competition and the elbowing-away-of-the-other we experience now in the finance world.

New Zealand-born to a Maori family, Sophie has lived in France, Bali, the US and now Australia: a fluent French, Indonesian and English speaker. She has an in-depth understanding of various religious philosophies and the banking and finance world, and somehow in our conversations these and many other esoteric-slash-business strands seem to come together in a fabric of loving kindness.

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