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Stevie Ghiassi of LegalerAid on Crypto Clothesline

Stevie Ghiassi is the CEO of Legaler: a secure online law communication platform, and LegalerAid: a platform for crowdfunding on the Blockchain.

LegalerAid is a new model that brings unprecedented transparency, using Blockchain technology to deliver legal services to the disadvantaged in our communities by incentivising lawyers to do pro bono work.

In addition, there’s a token element: a bit like a frequent flyer point system.  You can now raise funds for social justice cases through smart contracts, where you’ve got complete transparency. No-one can run off with the money! You can see from the donor to the recipient: following the dollar all the way to the client.

“We call it a proof of impact ecosystem – you can see the impact of every stake holder. You can see the company transparently, their expenses, you can see legally how it’s operated. You can see the lawyers’ impact: it’s all documented on the Blockchain.”

Legal inclusion or access to legal services, is a huge problem. Currently there are over 4 billion people who don’t have access to justice, which is over half of the world’s population.

Social humanitarian issues are really at the core of what a lawyer and the legal system can provide, to give protection to citizens – the basis of the project that Stevie Ghiassi, based in Sydney, Australia, is involved in.

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