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Zia Word of Chozun on Crypto Clothesline

This week we’re publishing our interview with Zia Word of Chozun: a new travel & loyalty ecosystem driven by crypto & blockchain.

Zia talks about loving tinkering with computers and always being into tech at school.  She reflects that what she studied in university, History, has zero bearing on what she is actually doing in Chozun.

  • Customised Travelling Platform
  • Rewarded for Use of Data
  • Independent Millennial Chinese Traveller
  • There’s Too Much Noise Around What To Do And Where To Go
  • User Cohorts: The Culturist, The Adventurous, The Generalist
  • No BS And No Fear

Customised Travelling Platform

Zia claims that one of the biggest travel platforms in China is still using fax machines to book hotels, with quite a lot of cost associated for the providers on those platforms.

Chozun has what they call providers – basically service providers, with things to do, and places to go at the destination. Everything from private drivers and shops to nightlife and hairdressers: all the kinds of things you would want in your destination tours. Special tours, access to private members club, and more.

Essentially you just go onto the platform, choose what you want and Chozun, using AI and other tech like data science which help them to understand the user a bit more, will match you to certain service providers. On most travel sites, you have a bunch of different subjective reviews and there’s a lot of noise.

Chozun really takes into account your preferences and then matches you to what you like. You’re given a few options and you choose the best match and just book or reserve it within the platform. At the moment you can use Fiat, but their cryptocurrency’s coming in a couple of months and you’ll be able to use that.

Rewarded for Use of Data

Chozun does a lot of personalisation, which means that they have a lot of interesting data all about you and what you like, and don’t like. You as the user will own that data.  They have a group of partners who work with their system who can create special events or marketing to engage with you.

For example, British Airways want to engage with ‘adventurers’ who are into climbing mountains. You go into the platform and see that British Airways will reward you with “x” amount of Chozun to fly to this mountainous destination. You as the user can choose to interact with people or with brands on the platform and allow them to use some of that data rather than Chozun the company selling it to advertisers as a traditional players might do. You actually get rewarded.

Independent Chinese Millennial Traveller

Chozun’s main target audience is the Chinese independent millennial. They’re forward thinking and travelling a lot more like Westerners than their older counterparts. The big thing is that they want to be doing things that other people aren’t doing.

And they want to be showing off that they are doing those things.

Western people are secondary markets as a focus for Chozun’s marketing strategy.

There’s Too Much Noise Around What To Do And Where To Go

Because there’s too much noise around what to do and where to go, and people are stuck in indecision with analysis paralysis of how best to plan their trips, Chozun matching them with their preferred experiences really helps people enjoy the opportunity and not end up ripped off, disillusioned and out-of-pocket.

User Cohorts: The Culturist, The Adventurous, The Generalist 

The platform creates distinctions between different travel-style groups, and pairs travellers up specifically with their chosen (Chozun) preferences as much as possible.  By grouping people in such a way, the ‘noise’ from various travel review sites is greatly reduced, travellers get to choose options that suit them best, and then get rewarded financially if other travel company marketers want to show them further destination opportunities. Win win win!

 No BS And No Fear

No BS and no fear is Zia’s mantra in life.

“I think fear is the biggest thing that holds people back. Of course sometimes it creeps in, but unless you take a chance, you’re not going to capture that big dream you’ve got.”

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