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Abheeti Kathryn Pass

I’m all about helping everyday families navigate, and ultimately, change the face of their family dynamics.

Abheeti: a name I received after a particularly unusual life experience when living 10 years in Italy (difficult to remember and impossible to forget). It comes from an ashram in India and means “fearlessness” (an interesting work-in-progress.)

Having a lust for flexi I’ve always been interested in enterprise with businesses as diverse as: Child Care, Language Teaching, Buying, Renovating & Selling Properties, Natural Health Care, Massage, Meditation & Group Leadership, Network Marketing (crazy successful) and now… The Cryptosphere!

I’m biological mother to three beautiful children, with one luscious step-son: a mixed intercontinental family salad, and the owner and founder of, as well as co-creator of an online course called Crypto and Kids. Watch this space!​

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